Nativ and the star cuisine

Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2016
Greco di Tufo DOCG 2016
Centoviti Campania Rosato IGT 2016
Irpinia Aglianico DOC 2016.

These are the names of the wines with which the Irpinia's wine company  Nativ S.r.l. participated in the God Save the Wine event organized on February the 1st, 2018 at St. Regis Hotel in Florence.

Video “God Save the Wine” Firenze 2018

The event, hosted at Salone delle Feste at the Five Stars St. Regis Hotel in Florence, celebrated the quality of great Italian and French wines matching  great dishes of  Maremma’s cuisine: the starred chefs Valeria Piccini (2 Michelin stars) and Michele Grillo (1 Michelin star) put their culinary skills at the availability of guests.  Participants were educated in choosing the best match by wise and expert producers, who guided the consumers' choices but also left them the pleasure to be creative and feel free to try out and experience.

For wine lovers, the real purpose of the event was to create excellent but unusual combinations, that is to say to allow a perfect match of food and wines of the highest quality. Before the event beginning, Andrea Gori held a special seminar on “the ability of wine and food to exalt one another”.

Great protagonists of the event were Nativ wines, the company of Paternopoli  whose purpose is to combine  the importance of tradition and the need for innovation in a single product.  Indeed, a restyling of the labels accompanies and completes the introduction of new products. This is the case of Centoviti, a Campania Rosé IGT, already present in the event at St. Regis: a wine made through the white vinification of fine Aglianico grapes harvested from centuries-old vines. A refined product, available in limited quantities, deriving from long-lived vines that survived the phylloxera of the 1950s.

More photos of the God Save the Wine event